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Executive SessionsTM

A whole or half day with just you, your instructor, and your Virtual Audience!


Do you learn best in a face-to-face, one-on-one coaching environment? If so, the Executive Session is the venue for you.  Conducted at either your site or ours, this program simulates having an audience to deliver to, allowing you to learn the skills without the peer pressure. 


Rather than being just one in a group of many, you will be the center of training.  You will learn the skills you need in easily managed modules, and perform each skill on recorded video in front of a simulated audience.  At each step, you and your coach will review the video and you’ll see for yourself where you’ve improved and where you need more work.


The great advantage of the Executive Session is that if you need more help on a specific module, you’ll get the coaching time you need.  At the end of the day, you’ll truly own the skills.




 "Your process is amazing. I've lacked confidence in my presentation skills for many years, and as a result I have avoided situations and jobs that required presentations.


Your seminar gave me the tools and confidence I needed. I was truly amazed to see the visible improvement from the first video to the second and then the third. Thank you for providing your excellent program."

P J Cannon

Laguna Niguel, CA




Reasons you might choose one-on-one coaching:  

  • In a public program, by definition, you share the room with people of various professions, with whom you may have little in common. 

  • You simply enjoy the comfort and convenience of a private consultation. It's easier when you make a mistake, and less intimidating when you're strongly coached.  

  • You are an executive who needs to learn the skills away from the eyes and ears of colleagues or subordinates. 

  • You have an immediate need and you simply don’t have time to wait for a class to become available.

  • You'd prefer your progress wasn't limited by the abilities of others in a group.  


The Executive Session™ is all about you – your subject, your examples, your questions, your special circumstances.  Ever have a tutor in school?  Did you notice how easily you could grasp a subject when you had total access to the teacher’s time and knowledge?


In your one-day session, we devote as much time as necessary to ensure that you can perform each different skill before we move on to the next.  We focus on YOUR training needs rather than the group's.  Bottom line: more bang for your BUCK! 


Our virtual classroom certified instructors are experts in recreating your most realistic scenarios without your having to endure the discomfort of learning in front of a group.  Please ask us for references from those who've been there. 


Major advantages of the Executive Session™ system:


  • No sharing the spotlight with strangers

  • An intimidation-free learning environment

  • Total discretion - you get a secret weapon for success!

  • Immediate scheduling at whatever location you desire

  • Your progress not limited by the abilities of others

  • Frank and honest feedback without fear of embarrassment


More repetitions.  More practice. More interactive exercises.


With PublicSpeakingSkills.com, it's not about your fitting into our schedule; it's about our "DeliveringSuccess" when and where you want it. 


Call: 888-883-6074 or 484-883-6074  


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Call: 888-883-6074 | 484-883-6074

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