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Wouldn’t it be great if when you presented, people actually listened? 

Microsoft claims there are over 30 million PowerPoint presentations given every business day. What they don't say is that most of those presentations never accomplish what their presenters set out to do - that is, achieve true knowledge transfer. In fact, rather than engage audience members in the point at hand, most presentations send listeners off on "journeys of self-discovery" as they desperately try to figure out for themselves what all those convoluted images up on the screen are supposed to mean.

As the audience drifts off, the speaker invariably reads this disconnect as a failure of his delivery skills, and anxiety builds. Credibility falters, and the message is lost.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Conquering Death by PowerPoint is the definitive video on modern presentation design, written and performed by one person who has been developing computer-based on-screen presentations since the beginning of the personal computer era, and long before Windows or PowerPoint. 

J. Douglas Jefferys’ volume encompasses both presentation design and delivery, based on his 25 years
experience as a corporate trainer, professional speaker, and presentation developer. Mr. Jefferys leaves no doubt that there is an inextricable relationship between design and delivery, and that you can’t do either well without a good understanding of the other. 

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public speaking course  

Advanced Presentation Design

Choosing the right format

If you’ve never taken a course in presentation design, then you’re not to blame for not knowing that there’s a very simple, surefire way of getting around the filtering process most audiences use to screen new information.  When you by-pass the filters, your audiences absorb your arguments instantly – and unambiguously. 


Yet because most presenters are given a laptop and a copy of PowerPoint and told to give a presentation tomorrow, most presentations are designed by mimicking the boss’s mistakes – after all, if it’s good enough for the boss, its good enough for me, right?  Many presentations are thus patterned after ones that somebody in upper management created last century, and their viability as true knowledge transfer devices has never been questioned!  


Does this sound like your firm?  We say, "Stop the insanity!"


For some people, that might mean watching a DVD on the subject or sitting through a lecture and then emulating what you see.  Many people, however, benefit by having a coach walk them through the process step-by-step, with time to practice the various elements before moving on to the next.  Here, again, success for some comes with little exposure while others need more time.


Another consideration is budget.  How much your organization depends upon the impact of your presentations will determine how much time and money the organization will want to invest.


For these reasons, offers training in a, 90-minute, single half-day, and double half-day (full-day) formats.  Each is designed to provide the maximum training for the budget dollar, and all will change the way you feel about presentation design forever.



Half-Day Format:

A.M. 1/2 Day: Lecture and Exercise Modules

v Lock, Talk & Pause: Primer on Designing to Present
v Screen to Audience: What it Takes to Work
v The 7 Rules of Visual Design

v Anatomy of a Disaster: Real-World Death by PowerPoint
v Before & After Client Presentation Re-Do & Demo
v Morning Mini-Workshop

 P.M. 1/2 Day: Lecture and Exercise Modules

v Organization: Audience-Based Content
v Animation: How to and How Not to
v Effective Graphs: Visualizing Data beyond PowerPoint
v Hyperlinks: Designing for Real-Time Flexibility
v The $20 Rule: Eliminating All Things Unnecessary
v P.M. Workshop: Putting it All Together



90-Minute Format:

 Large Group Lecture and Demonstration

v Screen to Audience: What it Takes to Work
v The 7 Rules of Visual Design

v Anatomy of a Disaster: Real-World Death by PowerPoint
v Before & After Client Presentation Re-Do & Demo



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