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Scheduling Training / How We Deliver     


We specialize in delivering on-site training customized to your firm.  

Our training programs are designed around your business & your schedule.

When you select PublicSpeakingSkills.com, you don't have to adjust your calendar and travel itineraries to ours.  Instead, we come to your offices or a conference center of your choosing and deliver your customized training package, at a time that best suits you. 

Small Group Training: Our typical training class is a group of between 4 and 12 individuals at your corporate office.  For most of our courses, you can enroll your group for a morning session, a morning and afternoon session, or two all-day sessions back to back.  

Morning-only sessions provide interactive exercises on the most significant aspects of the topic.  If you're on a limited budget, your people will still go home with more usable knowledge and skill practice than what they would get in other firm's all-day seminars.

When you add the afternoon session, we round out the participants' experience by adding training in the knowledge and nuances that make them truly learned communicators.

Opting for a 2-Day program not only allows for interactive skills practice in all aspects, it also provides the time for both extended workshops and multiple opportunities for participants to hone their new skills to their maximum abilities.

The training works like this:  First, we examine what you're doing now (called "benchmarking") to determine where you need to go to take you to the next level. Then we break down the different skills that you'll master into modules. Your instructor models each skill so you can see the behavior you'll emulate, in your own way.  

Finally you practice the skills through exercises that are both fun and effective, with your classmates playing the roles of audience and coach. 

At the end of the day, you will know more about communicating with your clients and colleagues than 95% of all businesspeople, and approach the art of communication with amazing clarity and confidence.

Large Group Training: We also provide interactive training to groups of 20-200 in a one-half day format.  

Looking for a morning or afternoon breakout session at your upcoming company-wide event?  We have taken ballroom-style training to a level of interaction simply not available elsewhere in the business communications industry.  By efficiently designing the flow of knowledge transfer, we break your audience into training groups as small as 4 to 8, and all groups engage in practice activities simultaneously.  

Participants don't get lost in an otherwise large sea of learners, and leave with a set of skills that they have actually practiced, not just been preached to. 

In either format, everyone acquires powerful new skills for life, all in an engaging and non-threatening environment.

To arrange for an on-site session, or if you have questions about lead times or availability of certain dates:


   Call Today: 1-888-883-6074 or 1+484-883-6074

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Do you learn best in a face-to-face, one-on-one coaching environment?  If so, the Executive Session is the venue for you.  

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